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Petit dictionnaire illustré

An illustrated first dictionary of French language.It introduces over 900 useful French nouns, verbs, adjectives through visuals accompanied by English translations.

Each noun in French is either masculine or feminine. learning the gender of each noun is always a problem. With the help of this dictionary, this task can be made easy and enjoyable.

It is an excellent way to introduce French gradually. Needless to say it improves the French vocabulary of the children.

A pronounciation guide is provided to help pronounce the words. Words have been sorted into two categories, français-anglais and anglais-français, in alphabetical order along with page number, to make locating word easy.

The learner can colour the masculine nouns red and the feminine nouns GREEN (the verbs can be coloured according to your creativity and imagination). This not only makes the learning of French language activity based, but also fun for the learner.

This dictionary makes learning French Fun- for everyone.