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Je parle français II is perfectly complemented by an audio cassette. This cassette has impeccable pronunciation, which will help the learner tospeak French the authentic way. This cassette also has French songs and poems, which are easy to learn and provide a refreshing break.

This book is a sequel to Je parle français I, which introduces French grammar. Je parle français II, begins with teaching the new learner various grammar topics like nationalities, name of countries, professions etc.

This book is a result of years of experience of teaching French to youngsters. Learning gets internalized only when it can be visualized and experienced. Hence the extensive use of illustrations, to communicate effectively and create familiarity with everyday use of words and sentences.

Studying from this book will ensure that you understand basic words and phrases and even attempt to constructsentences. Each chapter has exercises at the end to test the learner's knowledge of that chapter. There is a also a vocabulary table for each chapter highlighting the new words introduced with their meanings.This book also covers poems and folk songs, which are easy to learn keeping in mind the difficulties of learners.